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A thought...   
10:42pm 27/12/2003
mood: crazy
I was ripping the tag off the shirt I am wearing tonight and it was inspected by #69. My underwear says "Winning Streak" on it, part of the AE Vegas series of boy-shorts underwear. Add on my horseshoe necklace...There is absolutely NO way I'm getting laid tonight, the odds are STACKED against me. :)
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My favorite proposition this semester...   
09:51pm 27/12/2003
mood: jubilant
OK, for those of you that haven't heard it before...I seem to attract many different and odd types of guys. I also seem to attract a lot of African-American guys, which, again, kinda weird, judging on my having a very "twig" body. Regardless, I get hit on. So, with no exceptins to this rule, I was hit on by two guys at Bumpers. I figured I had hit my quota for the night, but oh how I was wrong...

Missy and I got our post-Bumpers, pre-Harry's snack at McD's last night. We pull up to the little order screen and it's not on. The girl tells me to pull up to the window, and I agree. There is an Expedition in front of me, with this guy leaning halfway out the door, trying to grab something from the side pocket in the door. And I'm hungry and him keeping the line from moving is not making me happy. But he realizes it's moving, gets back up and in his car, but not without smiling and waving at me. So I smile and wave back while cussing him to move up in line. Then, about 5 feet later, he opens his door, turns around and smiles and waves again. Agaian, I wave back. WEIRD! 5 feet later he gets out of his car, walks over to my window and asks (I shit you not) "Would y'all like to have some candlelit McDonald's and smoke a blunt afterwards?" Now, normally, I'd have some reaction to that or a comment or something...but I blanked, because I was so blown away. So Missy jumps in and says "We're going to Harry's!!!!" So the guy basically tells us he and his friend might meet us up at Harry's...they didn't, thankfully enough.

So, seriously, that's one for the record books. McD's and a blunt. Greeat.
These are the things I'll remember...   
03:40pm 15/12/2003
mood: busy
Munching on ice cream cones in the car, two of the whitest girls singing "Get Low"
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Oh, the b'day festivities...   
12:03am 21/11/2003
mood: tired
It was the Missy's b'day last night and we did some celebrating! We of course, went to Mikata for dinner and stuffed our faces. Then off to Bodega for the usual Wednesday activities. We were joined briefly by Matt Walker, then Tex, Adam and Patrick (of Adam and Patrick), and Patrick's bro Paul. The night was eventful, as we had some drinks, Missy scored herself some shots and she had Happy B'day sung to her at the top of our lungs...twice. Haha. We went on to Harry's, of course. I love Harry's. We got there, by walking into a hornet's nest, as Derrick was about to start a fight with someone. Bless Tex and his patient heart, he somehow got involved and convinced both parties to chill the crap out and there was no fighting. We played around in Harry's, I sported Tex's hat and a good time was had by all. I got picked up and carted around by Tex...and I also got flipped over by Derrick. Heil ate a lunchable, which was the cutest thing ever...I came in at the tail end of it, when he was sipping on his Capri Sun. I swear the boy couldn't be any cuter. We shut Harry's down around 5am. I didn't kill Patrick jackass and we took Tex home. Oh, did I say Heil couldn't get cuter? Cause he did...he drives the big, badass truck that was parked out front. Purrrr.....

Thursdays are rough though. My body always wants to kick my butt. I managed to get through my presentation and had some yummy homecooked meal with the rents and the roomies. Very good, made me feel tons better. Now I'm thinking it's time to go to bed. Lots to do before Vegas in 2 days!!!! Everyone have a good night!
Geez...Thursdays are rough...   
05:39pm 13/11/2003
mood: mellow
I state again for the record that I LOVE Wednesday nights. They are low key, and dammit, no matter how hard we TRULY try to keep it low key, it just NEVER happens. And then Thursday rolls around and I want someone to just shoot me and put me out of my tired-I-went-out-last-night misery. Last night was eventful as usual. First of all, I swear to Gawd, Missy is the luckiest bitch ever. Ok, so I go to lunch with my dad, and we see Patrick, of Adam & Patrick, referred to from this point out as Patrick bed-early. Then later I go to the mall and run into Adam of Adam & Patrick bed-early. Why me? There's no where to run and hide, I'm forced to not avoid the situation, as I'd like to do and instead have the smile and be friendly, because these boys can't quite handle my bitchiness yet. They are not of the Bumpers caliber, where it's just expected for me to be a bitch.

Onto Niffers...mini fish bowl. YUM.

Onto Bodega. Wait, first, I used new shampoo. And I liked it. So, y'all don't care, but I do. It's some nice shampoo that leaves your hair smelling and looking like you just came from a nice salon. And for those of you who don't know (i.e. boys) that's the best feeling in the world. Your hair ALWAYS behaves better after leaving a salon. You can try your damnedest to get it to do that at home, but it won't. Murphy's Law of hair care. So, I wanted to share this feeling with everyone, especially the ATM. See Missy's entry.

Ok. Bodega. Popped up on our bar stools. Didn't deck the girl in my major that everyone hates. Should have, she would have presented today with a black eye, but ok. I was good. Yay me. Had some cranberry vodkas, did some swooning with Missy over another Patrick, aka Patrick Bodega. Note to Bodega: would attract a lot more females if you let him wear charcoal gray shirt, but what the fuck ever. The t-shirt works for me too. Tex came and met us. Then the dimwitted pair came and met us too. Tex left. We decided to leave, and the intention was not to go to Harry's but rather to go home. But, on the way, boys were far behind, so onto Harry's we went.

Damn Heil and Tex. I shit you not, I'm not but in there for 20 seconds...long enough to walk from the door to the bar, and Tex already has gotten me a beer. Which is fantastic on a normal night, but not when I can't stay. But a beer cannot be wasted, so we drank it. And maybe fed some to the sink that looked thirsty. We should have known better. I'm talking to Missy and I hear "Heil, another round!" I whip around and say "Heil, NO NO NO NO NO." And that hot son-of-a-biotch snaps open two new Bud lights. DAMMIT. So, after much sadness on Tex's part and maybe some pleading, we left for home. I would tell you about home, but it was hella boring and I wished I had stayed at Harry's and watched WWTBAM and Beat the Geeks with Heil and Tex. I finally passed out and remarkably enough, dragged my ass to class this morning.

Some quotes, because it'd be boring otherwise:

"You have to earn these beads." (I forgot to mention we went to Bourbon St. first and got Pardi Gras beads. I even got an extra set from Sup. Club bartender, Paulie, though I'm not sure why. I didn't even have to flash him. Ha.)

"Holy shit....that's how I know him! He went to camp with me!! He was on STAFF the summer I was there. Wow, he's OLLLLD!!!!" (Missy)
"Thanks." (Tex)

"I'm not going to Harry's, I'm going home." (riiight)

"Score!! There's toilet paper!"
A note before going out...   
09:32pm 12/11/2003
mood: giddy
Only in this apartment would someone proclaim: "READY!" and be in a pair of unbuttoned jeans, a Vicki's bra and their Halloween cape. I love it! Now off to a "low key" Wednesday!
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08:41pm 11/11/2003
  One last quote to add in, it's crucial:

"Donavan McNabb is from Syracuse. Enough said."

I love talking shit about the NFL!
Still giddy...   
08:33pm 11/11/2003
mood: chipper
I really would like to thank whoever it was that realigned the planets last night! Why you ask? Because we had a FAN-ASS-TASTC night last night!!! It started like a usual Monday with some wings and beer and MNF at Beef O's. We were some hard core GB fans last night, but they weren't scoring at BOB's. So onto to Bumper's we went. Must say, walked in the door and was greeted with a smile and attempted hug by Fuckabuncha. That's unusual, because for those of you who understand this, I normally have at LEAST 8 drive by's before my presence is acknowledged. So, me not having to be a bitch right off the bat is ALWAYS a good start to an evening of drinking. We do some poolin' and some cheering for GB with our "pool" mates. These would be the guys at the table over who graciously gave up "our" table to us when Matt explained that his life probably depended on it. Sweet guys, they were fun enough. So, the sad news is GB lost. Why? Because the adorable Brett Favre fumbled the ball in the last 5 seconds of the game. Shitass. We were bummed about that for a while, so we went to visit Tex at the bar. Love the bar, love Tex, love cranberry-vodkas and walk-me-downs. Night got better again.

Night gets even better when someone says "Harry's." Gawd, I love Harry's. I mean, it may be the most disgusting little dive on the earth, but something about it makes you feel like you're home. Maybe it's because Heil doesn't card you because he just says "New York." Or maybe it's because you can sit there and watch "Who Wants to be a Millionaire" with 7 other people and have more fun than any other time in your life. Maybe it's the rockin' jukebox and the fact you know everyone and they know you. I don't know what it is, but Harry's is just the greatest. We had a blast...Missy especially was be-bopping around to the point where I think Tex wanted her sedated, but it was hella entertaining. The Bumper's crew were all in wonderful moods and good spirits, coming off a busy night. (As you all know, they are MUCH more fun when they're in good moods.) I can't even explain further, it was just hella fun. Finally around 4am, we figured it was time to roll our semi-tipsy asses on home. I went to bed with a big smile plastered on my face and it hadn't faded since. Remains of a good night are slapped on my face. YAY!

Ok, you know you want quotes, so here are some:
(I see Missy posted some, so you'll just get repeats. Deal.)

"You nice guy. Me bitch." (Hmm...wonder who said that.)


"And that's bad news why?" (HaHa...guess who'll be laughing all ALONE Friday and Saturday!)

"What musical group featured brothers Jonathan and Jordan Knight in 1988?" (Beat the Geeks Host)
"NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK!" (me, in Harry's, yelling the answer)
"Wow....that's special that you knew that." (Adam, of Adam & Patrick, in response)

I hope everyone else had a fab Monday! :)
I am not living at Hogwarts   
06:41pm 09/11/2003
mood: blank
I realized tonight as Missy and I were cleaning our apartment, post-cat, mind you, how our lives are in no way like Harry Potter's. Shocking, isn't it? But, stay with me here: we do not have eerie little house elves that come around behind us and cook our meals, do our laundry, and clean our rooms. There is no one that will load the dishwasher miraculously, nor do they clean up kitty litter, vacuum, dust the furniture, or do anything else for you, without you even knowing it. In fact, in this real world, people must do that themselves! CRAZY concept, I know. There are, however, people that DO do all these things without others noticing, and the only shared trait between them and house elves is the desire to INCESSENTLY beat their heads against the wall.

We also do not posses magical powers or magic wands that will allow us to be accepted into schools, find a job post-graduation, or create us Prince Charming. Unfortunately, we again have to do that ourselves. As the incredibly intelligent Carrie Bradshaw said, "What if there is no white knight?" Amen sister. You have to make your own life and reach your own goals. Guys should be people of the opposite sex to have fun with and enjoy spending time with. But we can sit here and base our lives on them, we have to make our own destiny. And if you're looking for your "soulmate," chances are they are a lot closer that you think. Soulmates do NOT have to be male. Soulmates are those people who can sit with you when you are at your absolute worst and have never cried so much in your life. Soulmates are those people who get in trouble with you because they know if it was worth it to you, then it's important. They are those people who come to your rescue, your defense, your side, even when you've treated them like shit because of a guy. You can't just whip one up with the wave of a wand, it takes time to develop that kind of amazing relationship. And most guys don't stick around long enough for that. And when one does, great, but until then, be content knowing you have other people. I know who mine are.

And finally, we do not have broomsticks that can whisk us away to far off places when things get rough. You can get in your car and drive off, you can lock yourself up in your room, you can overwhelm your boy toy with your presence. But ultimately, you always have to come home and face the music. There is no Invisibility Cloak here, there is nothing that allows you to go back in time and change things. Sometimes you just have to bite the bullet, admit that maybe you did something wrong and correct your actions. Life is growing up folks. At least the wizards and witches in Harry Potter do have that in common with us.

On a much funnier note, tonight would be Sunday...which means Taken comes on in like an hour+. So, Missy, funny enough, tries to not admit to people why we block off the window of time from 8-10, but finally comes clean. Ok...I admit it people, I actually do religiously watch a program on the SciFi channel. I don't know what has come over me. But Sssshhhh....let's keep that on the DL. (I recommend you rent it on DVD and watch it if you haven't gotten into it yet.)

Have a great week kiddos.
Funniest thing I've heard in a while...   
12:41am 09/11/2003
mood: amused
"Hellllllllllllo Heather....it's Rayburn. It's about 4:05 and me, Matt and Stein are trying to find y'all. You know what, have fun with whatever guy you're with. Cause, uhh..that sounds kind of dickhead, and I don't want to be a dickhead, but y'all have fun. Honestly. Me, Matt and Stein will find a way to get home. But seriously, CALL me if you need somebody to pick you up, take you home, whatever. Cause me and Stein are there for y'all. If y'all ditch us, that's fine, honestly, we are not mad, because we can't control you and Missy. But, if you need that guy who's gonna be the fucking dumbass, redneck, beat-the-shit outta any guy who's gonna talk shit about you or Missy's friend, that's us. So you call me if you need something else. If you're just going home with some guy, that's great, I'm happy for you. But if you need somebody to be that beat-the-shit outta someone guy, that's me, because I'm ready to beat the shit outta somebody. Call me, Heather, I'll talk to you later girl. Bye."

I have listened to this soooo many times now, and it still isn't getting old. Gawd, I love our boys. I really do. I'm only sorry to say I missed the penguins convo before someone face-planted on the floor and passed out. Oh what a night...

Fun quotes:

"I think we whipped out the dildo conversation too soon."

"I'm in the market for a dildo."

"Oh my God, oh my God, did you SEE this!" (Tex and Missy can bite me by the way.)

"How's your night?"
"Better now."
Repeat that two times, then add a:
"We had given up on y'all tonight!"

I had tons and tons of fun last night. Margarita party, which I actually survived, despite my concerns after the hangover from hell caused by "Kristen's knock you on your ass and KILL you Margaritas" in Starkville. Bumper's was entertaining as usual...Melonie and I gossiped in the bathroom, Missy and Tex played a practical joke on me and TOTALLY got me. Bitches. Then onto the Supper Club. Lots of dancing, drinking, flirting, and phone calls. Sorry to have missed Steveo and Shane. Saw Tyson, not sober. That's new. Safe to say Missy and I had a lot of fun, we of course, were going "low key." Not indulging. No. Never.

Major apologies for not being particularly witty or funny. But there is some gayness occuring presently that would make Livejournal curl up and die, or maybe just tell me to go live in Australia with the f^^^ing kangaroos. I do not wish to bore anyone with it all...it's sufficient to say that there are rules that all friends, male or female, understand. And when someone doesn't play by the rules, they are going to get smacked. Or cry. Whatever works.

Going to be big slackers tonight...yay!
I hate Wednes-days...   
02:31pm 06/11/2003
mood: lethargic
But I LOVE Wednes-nights! After we hit up some Outback with the C's, we came home, decided it was a "low key" drinking night. FYI: "low key" drinking nights are defined by Missy and myself as "We'll say we're not going to drink much, but in all reality, we are going to get pretty well toasted and not make it to class, interviews, meetings, work, or other necessary activities in the AM because we feel like ass." You with me here on the "low key?"

So, thus the night begins at Bodega...it was no cover man, come on! Drinks, sex talks, acquiring drinks from sketchy 40-yeard old Cadillac man. Let me insert that I actually liked this concept Cadillac man had. Buy hot girls drinks, say hello and you're welcome, then ignore them. We got free drinks, he got a smile, game over. I'm up for that kind of game anytime. So, we meet boys, as usual. These boys have brilliant idea: streaking. Across campus. Tonight. Now. We're game and we go with them in the getaway car. Yes, we watched 3 naked white boys run their asses from the Nichols center to Samford. Loved every minute of it except the one in which one boy jumped on me, still stark naked. That I could have done without.

Popped a squat by Langdon to pee. Got in the car. "Harry's." Enough said.

At Harry's we are surrounded by two boys we saw and AVOIDED eye contact with at Bodega. They claim they play for the Bama Slammers minor hockey team. One is from Buffalo, NY. Fucking shitass bitch whore. I'm screwed now. I say Ithaca and he's all on me like white on rice. They hound us to play pool. Finally, we agree. Now, I will say that 99% of the time, I think the Bumper's boys are big fat stinking jackasses. BUT...I love them dearly for the fact that they did what they did last night. Tex in particular was an absolute angel with the inserting himself into hockey player's attempt to get me to take a "walk" outside. Right turbo, like I'd do that. And Patrick, once clued into the scary sketchiness of the situation, did not take his arm off me until the hockey players finally got pissed and left. I owe those boys a lot of thanks and I love them for doing that for us. Oh, and of course, much love to "homeboy gave out his number too soon."

The things Missy and I get into. Let's recap:

"low key"= free drinks from 40 year old man, let in to Bourbon St. after party because we "know" people, riding in the getaway car for streaking boys, popping a squat, Harry's....Harry's....Harry's....deranged hockey players, Bumpers boys to the rescue, beer...beer...beer...ouchy in the am.
MNF, etc   
12:23am 05/11/2003
mood: restless
Just some random, funny moments from last night's MNF adventures...

"Denver is the suck. They aren't the same without Elway. Shanahan is horrible and will be beat at HOME."

"I'm going with a grand total of 8 drive-bys."

"Fuckabuncha Patrick. Anyone seen a Justin? Yeah, fuck him too!"

"It's just my crotch, it's seen worse."


"Which one of you has a history with him here?"

"Which one do YOU have a history with?"

And for good measure:
"Switch it up, ring a bell."

So, our new thing is to go out on Mondays. Beef O'Brady's may have like the BEST wings. We seriously are the coolest girls, we LIKE going to watch football, eat wings, drink beer, and talk shit about the teams playing. We then go to Bumper's around halftime and shoot pool and flirt amongst ourselves, because we're just that "weird." You say weird, I say SMART AS FUCK! Ok, I know we've said it before, but I'd definitely take Missy any day over a bad kisser, an asshole, or just a sketchy guy. Seriously. So, I'm sorry if our incessent flirting offends anyone, but we like it and won't stop doing it because a bunch of fuckwits thinks we're weird. You only think it's weird because you're not used to it and you LIKE it. You're jealous that your other halfwitted, skanktastic, one nighters flirt with you, instead of blatantly ignoring you to flirt with her hella hot roommate. Well, you've met your match here boys, we're not your average girls. We kick people out at 7am, we make you sleep on the couch when we want, and we flirt. Sorry bout your luck.

On a funny note, I think we have managed to actually scare off some really nice boys. I mean, not even by means of doing so, but more by being tipsy and discussing our drama with one of their brothers. Cool.

Went to McAlister's today. Never seen someone flirt by making someone that was absent a sandwich. But it was hella cute. And as though that wasn't enough, I rang Missy and left her a voicemail in which she actually thought she was talking to me and she laughed at herself. I'm good at some fun voicemails.
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03:41pm 27/10/2003
mood: working
How I've missed my journal! Every time I reformat my POS Gateway, I forget to put something back on that I had before. Like, for example, the previous time before I got XP, we forgot to put Norton and/or McAfee on...and we all know what happened then...yeah, it was Klez. Enough said.

I feel like there will be many drunken stories posted from this point on out. I would start some now, but I must study for an exam so I can maybe get drunk tonight! It's beer, bingo and MNF today! Yay. Oh and wings! We are every guy's dream girls, seriously.

Ok, so I have one cute story: "Switch it up. Ring the bell." Again, Enough said.
Choo Choo stories and much much more...   
10:16pm 23/01/2003
mood: cold
This is a LONG overdue entry. First, because I personally haven't updated my journal in a long time and second, because us three fabulous girls have been back in lovely Auburn for a few days now. But for those of you that haven't heard, here's some highlights of the Chattanooga experience.

So, we decide that because the word "snow" in the south is scary and life threatening (it's merely an annoyance to us yankees) that we should take the 4WD, BIG Suburban. Lemme tell you how much fun this car is. For a good hour or more, we made jokes about other cars, other people, and in general, enjoyed our large size on the highway. I mean, seriously, who is going to mess with you in the Burb? It's big, mean, and just would crush the average, everyday car. We stayed in the Ham the first night, then continued our drive into Chattanooga on Saturday. Our first stop was the Aquarium, which was much fun. Ask Kim about the seahorse exhibit, she REALLY likes seahorses, as Missy & I learned. Then we went to see the IMAX film on the space station, only to find that it has Auburn stuff in it...a pennant, stickers, and pins. And one of the guys was riding his exercise bike in a bright AUBURN t-shirt. How can any orange and blue bleeding college kid not yell War Eagle at this point in time? And point and laugh at the Bama family sitting down in the front, scowling.

We proceeded on the the Choo Choo after that. The Choo Choo would be a Holiday Inn, that we picked to stay in. Now driving there, we see a GIANT neon train on top of a building that looks somewhat like a prison. We figure it's just on top of a nearby buliding. In fact, the prison would be Hotel #3. This is where we discover that our room is. You arrive at a grand entrance, with a very nice lobby and restaurants and sleeping cars and so forth. But you soon discover that the hotels themselves are split into 3 buildings. We were in good old #3. We drive to this building and thank goodness Missy said "Let's check out the room before we do luggage." #3 is shaped like a big U, with the pool and hot tub in the center. We go to the door on one side. It's out of order. We go to the other door on the other end of the U, walk all the way around to the other side to catch the elevator up, then walk all the way back to the previous side to our room. Tired yet? Good. Because then our keys didn't work. We call for help, while Kim tries our keys in the neighbors' door, just to see. They get us a bell hop, he has to use his master key to get in, and offers us a room change, into Hotel #2. We eagerly accept. Our new room is much simpler to find and is just as satisfactory. Or so we think. Til our toilet starts running or not running or doing whatever it wasn't supposed to be doing. We call for service on it, at late hours and they assure us someone will show in the morning. No such luck. Now, this is why you travel with an HRMT, because we like to bitch A LOT about poor service. My bitching scored us free breakfast coupons, worth $46.20 for the next morning.

We proceeded to Rock City. Gorgeous does not even begin to describe the view. Scary does not even begin to describe the gnomes in the fairyland dungeon, wait...cavern. I don't know about you, but black lit gnomes and rats is not my idea of a fairytale. We did some driving and exploring and then did what 3 typical girls would do, found a mall. Did some shopping, decided to have some dinner at Olive Garden. Had a fabulous meal, free desserts because they lost our meal ticket, then proceeded to have the best drinks ever at the bar. Put it this way, any day you can get a good, smooth drink, from a hot, smooth bartender is a great day. What's better than drooling over him is finding out that he has a girlfriend he's "not madly in love with." Sad...he should have just completely cushed our hopes and not graciously accepted phone numbers.

The drinking continued in the room, with some P&A and slapjack. Much fun. We enjoyed our free room service breakfast the next morning and began the drive back to AU. Stopped in the Ham again and was amused by Missy's mom and sister. Picked up my chest of drawers from the bitchy Standard Furniture people. (Let me take this opportunity to tell everyone NOT to buy furniture from these people. They are by far the rudest, most insincere people I have ever dealt with. Had I not gotten this dresser for so dirt cheap, I would have walked right back out the door.) Moving on, we did some more shopping, because you simply can't take the Burb back to Auburn without filling it to capacity. Then on home.

Now we are all getting ready to bundle up to go to bed, as the wind chill is making it a cozy 7 degrees outside. YAY!! I feel like I'm at home!
Heather's Journal Entry, by Missy   
11:59pm 14/01/2003
mood: Not Heather
This isn't Heather, I promise. I am short, and dark headed, and not skinny, and definately am not Heather. Some call me Missy. I'm here to do a journal entry. :)

So what has Heather been up to? Well, she moved into the townhouse! Yay!!! Her room is almost unpacked with the exception of like two or three boxes. This past weekend Missy and Heather and Kim went to Birmingham for shopping and found an $88 dresser that Heather bought! Now, if the dresser had not been so cheap, perhaps the HELLA RUDE employees that are obviously on commission would have pursuaded us to give them the finger and leave, however, Heather needed a dresser, so we bought it. Unfortunately also, it would not fit in the Blazer without having to leave Kim and the shopping center until this weekend, so we have to go back and pick it up.

Speaking of this weekend, we're going to Chattanooga! Staying at the Chattanooga Choo Choo Holiday Inn and seeing Rock City, the Tennessee Aquarium, and maybe an IMAX movie. We're so excited. It's weird to write this and say "we" and yet talk in the third person about all of us... hehehe.

Why is Heather not writing this, you ask? She is in Missy's bed, with Kim.

Hmm... I think maybe Heather will have to explain in more detail later (or not explain, whatever the case may be) about problems with peeing, schizophrenics, and cow carcasses. For now, I shall leave you all with a quote...

"When love is the case, the doctor's an ass"

Hehehe... That's from Moll Flanders.
08:49pm 03/12/2002
mood: nerdy
Missy is my saving grace sometimes. I'm sitting here studying for my lab final tomorrow and for the LIFE of me, I could not think of the word "diffusion," referring to water moving from high activity to low. It was driving me crazy...I knew it was a D-word, but couldn't think of it. So, I know immediately that Missy would know, as she is the queen of coming up with answers to random questions that come up in life. Thanks much!!!

Ok, so I'm about holiday partied out. Had the SGA one at the president's last night and then the CADRE one tonight. Much fun, I got to get a new dress for last night...and what's a new dress without new shoes. No more spending on me, however, as I have to start the holiday shopping. If anyone has good ideas for dads, please let me know...short of corvette parts, I'm at a loss.

Ok, enough procrastinating, back to a bit of studying. 3 more days folks, 3 more days.
an overview   
07:26pm 01/12/2002
mood: content
OK, so this is long overdue, but I was in the land of dial up modems and AOL, so it seemed silly to even bother doing my entries at home. Yes, I was home...back in good ole I-town. Not much changed since I left. I spent the first couple of days hiding in my house, trying to fight off this nasty cold-type thing that has uninvited itself into my body. Spent a lot of time with the family, which was very entertaining. Picked up a few hours at The Rose, to help Luke out and scrounge up some cash.

Turkey Day was eventful, as we went to my parents college buddies' house for dinner. Always some good stories when we go there. I came back to Ithaca and went and had dessert with Tori's family...her grandparents are the cutest people ever. They have been married for 51 years now. I just think they're so cute. Grams is nursing Pop back to health, after his quintuple bypass...and he's doing great, thank goodness.

I guess the excitement finally came Friday night. Tori came for dinner at my house, and she and my mom and I had an estrogen session in which we analyzed and discussed relationships over glasses of wine. Always a good time. We then proceeded to Tori's for some drinking with the boys and such. Matt created a game called "Suicide Sixes" in which each person has a number on a dice and we roll two. Whoever's number comes up has to drink. It was interesting how quickly we all felt pretty tipsy. The rules started coming in and in Matt's brilliance, instead of the Thumb Rule, we had an Ear Rule...yeah, we all would put our ears on the table when he did. I can only imagine what we must have looked like. So, we continued doing that for a while, until some more people showed up. They brought us all over to another party. I figured I wouldn't know anyone, but ended up running into a girl I hadn't seen since high school. Better than that, I ran into a kid that I know because our parents are friends. I thought he was very much a goody goody, but I was very wrong. He was HAMMERED!!! Much fun. A recap of this party is as follows:

- get there and see these old friends
- answer Tori's cell and discover it's psycho ex-boyfriend Lucas and I proceeded to talk to him in a drunken stupor until I got bored and other boys distracted me and gave the phone to Tori. She hung up without saying a word. Bye Lucas. HAHA
- played fooseball (spelling anyone?) and discovered I'm pretty dang bad at it. Lost three games to old friends, but had a pretty cute partner. Got hugs everytime we scored...that was ok by me.
- got bit on the ankle by some drunk kid. Yes, he actually got down on his hands and knees and BIT my freaking ANKLE. Not sure still why that happened.
- started playing beer pong with cute partner and biting boy and old friend. Was doing well, we were in the lead...lost on the last cup. Tried a re-match...I was carrying the team...it was the LONGEST game ever and they came back and beat us. Sucks to be me. Still had cute partner though.
- Cute partner takes me on a tour of the house...we talk a little, I find out a little about him.
- Get piggy back ride to the car from other cute boy who was my bodyguard for the night.
- went back to Tori's and crashed at 5:30am.

That was pretty darn fun. I had a good time and even got cute partner's phone number. Probably won't ever see him again unless I see old friend. Oh well, it was fun anyhow. Now I'm back in Auburn. Got to dry hair...it's dripping all over keyboard. Bye now.
Hypocrisy in this town amazes me...   
12:30pm 21/11/2002
mood: aggravated
Last weekend, a jerk no doubt in town for the UGA game, parked his big F150 in the middle of the turn around in my parking lot. Not sure what to do about it, I called the police. A very pleasant officer came out and basically said that because the truck was not parking on or near a yellow curb, there wasn't much he could do. He was not able to even write a ticket, though he said he wanted to. Luckily, the Resident Manager called HDK and had the guy towed I think. So, problem averted I guess you could say.

That is until I wake up this morning and leave for class, only to find my Blazer (which I pulled up on the curb for lack of parking at midnight) has a nice APD ticket on it for violating no parking in a fire lane. Yep, that's $25. Can you smell the hypocriticalness that is the Auburn City Police? The officer can't give Mr. I parked here and blocked people from turning around, but he can give me a ticket for pulling up on a curb and not blocking ANYONE. I'm needless to say pitching a fit with the PD, because if they are going to give tickets, they need to do so consistently. The girl who lived under me said she begged him not to give me a ticket, she even offered to come wake me up and have me move my car. No such luck, but I appreciate her effort.

Oh, and in addition, I contested my C-zone ticket to the AUPD, another shining light of Auburn. They claimed I was never charged for my hang tag and that it was my own fault for not coming to get it. But she offered to register my car and wave my ticket. I agreed to do so, without thinking about how my car must already be registered. Because if it wasn't, they'd have no way to link my recent license plate to my social security number. (Since purchasing a hang tag last year, my license plate number has changed. If my car was unregistered, how would they know that 948ZP belongs to me? But yet they do, cause they billed me for my first ticket this year...) So something is fishy over there. But whatever, she waved my ticket.

Marketing kicked my ass hard. If I came close to passing, it will be a miracle. Have I mentioned that school bites?
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On creating an ideal guy...   
01:14am 21/11/2002
mood: annoyed (I don't like school)
I think Missy and I have created the ideal man and living situation tonight:

MsElmo26: i'm 20
MsElmo26: i don't want to be married for at least 6 years
MsElmo26: and that's even too close
MsElmo26: i don't want to be married unless heath ledger just shows up
RosesNRubies: i cant see me getting married until i am graduated and stable on my own
RosesNRubies: and am damn well wanting to live with someone else
MsElmo26: yeah
MsElmo26: kim doesn't count
MsElmo26: living with a boy is not all its cracked up to be
MsElmo26: and i damn well better have a king sized bed if he thinks he's sleeping there all the time
RosesNRubies: oh yeah, king size bed is a MUST
RosesNRubies: not sharing a GD double bed
MsElmo26: no
MsElmo26: and one of those mattresses where if he moves i never feel it might be a plus
MsElmo26: two sinks
RosesNRubies: oh yeah. two sinks is right after king sized bed
MsElmo26: yep
RosesNRubies: i dont want his shaving cream in my sink
MsElmo26: no
MsElmo26: or the little chin hairs
RosesNRubies: gross gross gross
MsElmo26: i also would like 2 closets
MsElmo26: seperate
MsElmo26: no sharing
RosesNRubies: i can share as long as i have one LARGE side to myself
MsElmo26: haha
MsElmo26: i guess
MsElmo26: like i want enough space for all my current clothes
MsElmo26: plus then some for projected buying
RosesNRubies: i dotn want to do a boy's laundry
MsElmo26: nope
MsElmo26: he's doing his own
RosesNRubies: what if he gets grass in the sheets?
RosesNRubies: or spills things and wont clean them
MsElmo26: ugh...stop it
RosesNRubies: or doesn't understand that sometimes i want to be left the fuck alone
MsElmo26: i can't even think about cleaning up after him. dogs can be cleaner than boys
MsElmo26: oh...we are laying out PMS rules and symptoms
RosesNRubies: oh yes, but not even PMS. i mean, just bad days.
RosesNRubies: when they say the wrong thing
RosesNRubies: when i want to have a girls night out
MsElmo26: yes
MsElmo26: they must have that special reading meter that tells them when to shut the fuck up
RosesNRubies: of course
RosesNRubies: i'm not doing allt he cooking
RosesNRubies: that's not how it goes
RosesNRubies: i will not mow the yard
RosesNRubies: nor will i use the weedeater
RosesNRubies: however i can prune bushes and water flowers just fine
MsElmo26: that's fair
MsElmo26: yes
MsElmo26: i will have a spot in the garage
RosesNRubies: oh yes
MsElmo26: his tools will be organized so i can find them when i need them
MsElmo26: he will give me the remote
MsElmo26: when i want to watch Sex and the City
RosesNRubies: oh yes
RosesNRubies: he will not track mud on your freshly vaccuumed carpet
RosesNRubies: he will not buy clothes that dont match and then expect to go out with you
MsElmo26: haha no
MsElmo26: he will have the ability to pick out and dress himself in nice clothes, but will ask you anyhow because he likes to look good for you
RosesNRubies: he will understand that crying jags are part of life, and that he cant stop them so he'd better jsut either start apologizing, or start hugging
RosesNRubies: yes, very good poitn
MsElmo26: hugging is preferred
MsElmo26: apologizing gets old
RosesNRubies: yeah
MsElmo26: hugging with a box of tissues and comments every now and again of how you still are gorgeous
MsElmo26: despite the fact your face looks like a punching bag
MsElmo26: he will not make fun of batman eye masks
RosesNRubies: he'd better not
RosesNRubies: or make fun of hte long baths
MsElmo26: no no, none of that
RosesNRubies: in fact, i want a bath separate from him. he should get a shower
MsElmo26: yep
RosesNRubies: that i can use and that he keeps clean
MsElmo26: i want a garden tub
MsElmo26: yes
RosesNRubies: NOT like the steinhauser's shower
RosesNRubies: wayyyy too fucking drafty
MsElmo26: he will also learn to put things in the dishwasher
RosesNRubies: oh yes he will
RosesNRubies: he will learn WHY we do not eat off the good china unless it's holidays and we're showing off to the visitors
MsElmo26: haha
MsElmo26: yes, he will also be nice to those visitors even if he hates their guts
MsElmo26: because if we felt it was important to invite them, it was
RosesNRubies: yes he will
MsElmo26: in fact, he should learn that all decisions we make, though not always making sense, we did make for a reason. and to accept them.
RosesNRubies: yes yes
MsElmo26: i think we are well on our way to creating the ideal guy
MsElmo26: and yet, i'm not sure where it is that he hides
RosesNRubies: i wish we could find him
RosesNRubies: and you know, on top of all of that, he has to mess up sometimes
RosesNRubies: or else we'll kill him
RosesNRubies: not only that, but he has to get in arguments, and be a smartass
MsElmo26: right, he can't be too perfect
MsElmo26: yes, he has to not back down. i need someone that will fight me, but let me win eventually.
MsElmo26: should we post a wanted ad?

In other news, school still bites. But I just keep telling myself I have to get through 2 more days, two more tests and I can go home and be pampered and relax. Played some Outburst tonight...much fun. Shouting out random thoughts based on the most unusual and unexpected categories is always fun. My personal favorite was Women's Fashion Magazines that they guys got zero right guesses on. I should be allowing marketing to kill me ever so slowly...so I'll be off.
Fabulous night   
05:32am 19/11/2002
mood: awake
I can't think of anything better then staying up with good friends, bundling up, making mochas, and going off roading into a field to watch the sky shoot things all over the place. I'm not even tired, and I should be...but there was just something fun about being out there, giggling, sipping on mochas and watching the wonderous things nature can do every now and again.

Happy Birthday to Missy. I think it is officially her b-day in the entire US...but maybe some deserted island in the Pacific hasn't gotten there yet...but if its deserted, does it matter??? Geez, I'm so philosophical at 5:30AM. I think it's also official that I will not be winning the battle of Dave wanting/not wanting my nuts. I am sorely outnumbered. This does not mean in any way that I am caving in. I am holding out for more precise information which requires more research. Deal with it...I am not admitting anyone is right yet. Just that there are many possibilities in this big world. :)

Hope everyone that didn't watch the sky fall got some good sleeping in. I had much fun though. Time for bed now I think. Night everyone.